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SB game hacker apk application designed to modify or hack any game you can possibly imagine to grant the user with a number of advantages such as unlimited lives or virtual monies. If you are familiar with Game Killer you may already know how to use the application as they are very similar in operation. The difference is however that unlike Game Killer, SB game hacker apk is a lot easier to use on your device and is also updated on a regular basis to facilitate new games and game updates of new features.

SB game hacker apk is relatively small application considering all it can do. I takes up a few KB of your devices storage and though this might sound like a lot it is a lot less than your favorite subway surfer game as this application only takes up a few MB of your devices storage.

The grand attraction of SB game hacker apk is not only that it allows you to hack your games and receive unlimited lives, unlimited gold or unlimited monies but that it does all this without any pop-up ads and doesn’t continuously ask you to pay for an upgraded version like many other apps tend to do.

The most annoying thing I hate about apps these days is the amount of pop up and irrelevant adds they continuously display while I’m trying to do what I need and then accidentally being reverted to my app store because I pressed the screen to do an action in my game but because the ad pop up at the same time end up being sent to whatever it is that they are trying to sell or have me download. It is a great change in the game to have such an exceptional app do its job and do its job for free without having to suffer through pop up ads or being told to upgrade continuously to get rid of these pop up ads.

This app modifies your gaming experience in your favor by simply modifying the games memory data. The apps memory is then saved onto the application and as such games you play online with other players and require a sign in need to be opened within the app in order for your hacked game to be the same as you left it. In the past the SB game hacker apk required you to have your device rooted but reports are that the new upgrades to the application has made it possible for you to use it without rooting your device. Though many websites still encourage and advise you to ensure that your device is in fact rooted, preferably using the king root application as this does not require you to need a PC in order to root your device. King root may take up a lot more space on your device than you are willing to give up so if you are able to root your phone using your laptop and not have that software on your device I’d advise you do just that.

The application is fairly easy to download onto your device just like any other application it’s all a means of downloading the application using the link below, making a few clicks, authorizing it and you’re up and running. The application will not be found within the normal app store as it have been recently removed by both google and apple as it promotes banned gaming practices, instead you will have to search it within your devices browser and download it from one of the many sites that will appear when you search.

Once you have found the application below you will then need to  download gamehacker it in order to start the installation process, it may take a few seconds to download gamehacker and if your device has any security features it may be asked to blocked the application due to potential threats. Ensure you click the acceptance button when the window pop up to give the app the permission it needs to work on your device otherwise your device will continue to block it. If your device is anything like mine it may even without asking delete the app just re download gamehacker it and accept the potential threats though there is none that comes with this application.

When you first open the app you may notice that the language is in Japanese but after your acceptance of the games licensing the language will change to the appropriate language. I’m not entirely sure why the app is in Japanese when you first download it is because it was created by Chinese app creator from China.


Once the app has fully loaded up you can then go to the main menu and select the option related to your device whether it be an android or iOS device. This means that you will choose whether you want the “Hack Android Games” option for a device like Samsung galaxy S6 or the “Hack iOS Games’’ option for a device like the IPhone 5s.

It is important to remember however that the games you wish to hack needs to be download onto your device. The application is not a play store and as such is unable to download games onto you device for you. All games you wish to play but have not yet download need to be download from your devices play store and installed onto your device so that the application can see that you do in fact have that specific app.

Once you have chosen the option appropriate to your device you may need to wait a few seconds for the application to scan your device for all games that it has downloaded in order to produce a new screen with a thorough list of all your installed games.

You may find that not all of your games are able to be hacked by the app. Many times online games that require you to interact with other players may not be hackable due to the potential of your being banned from that game if anyone found out you were using a hack and reported you to the developers. Some online games however are able to be hacked and the application with notify you of these ones on the new screen.

The ones that are “hackable” by the application will state that it is “hackable” in the color green beside its name. The games with this indication can then be clicked to show a list of options that you will be able to choose from to enhancing your gaming experience and have the game work within your favor whether it be unlimited lives, infinite gold etc.

Please note not all games will offer the same hack. Some games will offer unlimited lives while other may not similarly some games may offer unlimited gold while other may not and some may not offer anything at all. It all depends on the app and what the game hacker apk can do

Don’t be discouraged however as it may not be able to do what you want now but as the application is regularly upgraded it may be able to do what you need down the road just continue to check the application and look out for future updates.

Select the option you wish to have on your game whether it be unlimited lives or unlimited monies, tap the start button within the application to launch the hacked version of the game if the game is an online game if it is not you can laugh the game from your regular screen and there you have it a successfully hacked the game and you can now play as much as you want or improve your virtual world with all the coins.

What are your chances of being banned from your favorite games when using the application?

With offline games your chances of being banned from the game are zero to none. Online games that require you to interact with other players may pose a threat if you let someone within that world know you are using a cheat application which can result in them reporting you to the developers and getting you banned so once you are quiet of what you are doing you should be fine.

Will you have to hack a game every time you go to log into your game?

Once you start your games in the SB game hacker apk application you won’t have to hack the game every time you go to sign in. online games tend to be synced with the games server and requires you to always open the game using the application. Offline games however do not need to be opened within the application in order to keep all your hacked data.

How many apps are supported by the game hacker apk?

There is no complete list of all the apps supported but the estimate is 1000 on android devices and 1200 on iOS devices. Just ensure to continuously check the application to see new updates of when your favorite and new games will be added so that you can be able to hack them and enjoy continuous playing.

I had taken the liberty of downloading this application onto my Samsung Galaxy S7 just to test out how well this application actually works and if it lives up to what it says it will do and what other people have been saying about it.

After reading and thoroughly following the instructions I first download the highly recommended king root application to root my devices. I am aware that rooting my device can cause potential damages to it and though my phones security mechanisms tried to deter me from continuing installation of the application I went on with the download.

Turns on king root did not offer a root for my device and I was placed to request a root for it in line with many others.

I went ahead and downloaded the SB game hacker application regardless as the new update for the application boost that it no longer needed a rooted device to work and I wanted to test this out as well. Again I went against my phones security measures to not download this application as it may cause damage to your device and downloaded it anyway.

It never opened for some reason my phone kept shutting the app down every time I pressed the button.

My next option was to take my already rooted iPhone 5s to again test the app. Turns out that any report of the app not needing a rooted device may not be true as it finally worked on that device. I was able to get it open and it scanned my apps as stated.

One thing to note though is that when downloading the SB game hacker you will be asked to download a free app before it is actually installed. This is how the developers keep the application free and ad free and is able to stay in business as they do this to promote their many other apps as well.

I was however able to get it working with my game, “tribez” but I do only have one game on my device and am sure once I start downloading more it can begin to do what it promises to do.

Many users have found it difficult to get this application to work on their devices but it only takes simple understanding that you can’t just download this application without rooting your device first as I made that mistake as well.

The game hacker application is a great way continuous enjoy your favorite games and reach new levels faster than you would have normally been able to do under more regular circumstances. Giving that you follow all instructions to have the application up and running on your device you should face no problems when trying to hack your favorite games. Even If your favorite game is not on the application when you first check it, it is updated on a regular basis, almost daily and very soon your favorite app will be available to hack and play.

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