Quake one of the best games

Quake: the players take on the role of a character simply known as the Ranger who has been given a quest to stop an enemy named Quake. Players are teleported from present day back to a medieval setting. From there, players will make their way through medieval style buildings and environments fighting creatures and monsters using a variety of  different weapons

Quake includes a single-player campaign and multiplayer game modes. The single-player story campaign contains more than thirty missions or levels split across four episodes. These thirty levels include 26 standard levels and your secret. There is also one final boss fight/level. The gameplay in Quake is similar to Doom and the environments have a gothic look and feel to them and include environments with cave and dungeons

The multiplayer portion of Quake helped popularize multiplayer shooters and introduced a number of new game modes and gameplay techniques such as bunny hopping. The multiplayer component also includes the ability to play the single-player campaign cooperatively


Similar to Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, that game has also been ported to a number of game systems including Mac OS, Linux, and a number of home console systems. The source code for Quake was also released and a number of clones/ports have been created for the PC making it freely available to download and play. While these ports may be free to download and play, the copyright to original and official Quake are still maintained and the game is available for purchase via Steam for very reasonable price. This makes the need to download the old DOS version or Port somewhat unnecessary considering the game costs about the same as a cup of coffee

 Source: lifewire

Download Original


Download Remarw for modem pcs


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