An Android application called “Freedom” is spreading on the internet and allows users to make in-app purchases without actually paying for it. The apps makes it possible to make in-app purchases without paying for popular Android games like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, City Island,  Pou and many more.

The application requires a rooted Android device and because the application appears to be restricted to Russian devices, users need to modify the Google Play Store in order to run the application.

In-app purchases are very popular in mobile applications. Application with in-app purchases often can be freely downloaded from an app market and also using the app/  playing the game is often free. However to make quick advances or to unlock features additional credits have to be purchased. Often these cost around $0.99 but some developers also sell large  volume credit packs of up to $99.

Using the Freedom application it’s possible to fool apps into thinking you’ve purchased credits while you actually didn’t pay a cent.

Freedom became available on the internet at the beginning of 2014 and appears to have gained a lot of popularity since then. Users report that some applications no longer work, likely because applications developers have found methods to block usage of the Freedom app.

Source: myce

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